NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Tjalling Erkelens joins Host Seth Adler as the guest for Cannabis Economy Episode 300. Erkelens says Bedrocan is now working on product for 15 countries around the world.

A Real-Time History Of Legal Cannabis


The Cannabis Economy guest list is a ‘who’s who’ of legal cannabis. Industry veteran and Ep.22 guest Kris Krane notes, «Seth Adler is the Charlie Rose of cannabis. He has a natural ability to make his guests feel at ease and talk freely about their lives, inside and outside of the cannabis world.  Most importantly, he’s providing an oral history of this rapidly developing and evolving industry.  When the history books of the founding of this industry are written, the Cannabis Economy archives will provide a treasure trove of information on just how the green rush developed.»

Ep.140 guest, Former Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, wrote the three Cole Memos– the federal guidance on which the legal US cannabis economy currently operates.

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher R-California, Episode 243, noted he was interested in inviting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the Cannabis Caucus, which he co-chairs with Congressman Earl Blumeauer D-Oregon. Rep. Blumenauer, Episode 238 discusses banking for cannabis, cannabis taxation through 280E and removing roadblocks to cannabis research.

Shaleen Title, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission and Ep.271 guest notes, » Cannabis Economy has done a great job providing a real-time history of legal cannabis»


Ep.249 guest Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton notes in the interview that his company is «the largest producer of cannabis that prints the address.» Linton and Canopy Growth will be familiar to readers as the company just secured investment from Constellation Brands who produce Corona. Ep.250 is Raphael Mechoulam, credited with the discovery of THC- the principle psychoactive constituent of cannabis.

The man who wrote the book on regulating cannabis like alcohol, and Ep.34 Steve Fox notes, «I truly appreciate what Seth Adler has accomplished through 300 episodes of Cannabis Economy. The long-form nature of the podcasts allow for deep insight into the people in the cannabis industry orbit. And I know from personal experience that Seth takes the time to craft questions that elicit information not normally shared elsewhere. Here’s to 300 more episodes!»

Other friends and former guests offered further insight:

  • Co-founder and chief executive of MedMen, and Ep.210 guest Adam Bierman notes, «Seth is one of the most insightful and incisive interviewers I have encountered in my nearly one decade in this industry. I have been on the receiving end of his questions and a frequent listener of his podcasts, and I have no doubt historians will look to Cannabis Economy’s archives for the real story behind the personalities who built the legal marijuana industry,»
  • Industry venteran and Ep.190 guest Debby Goldsberry, CEO, Magnolia Oakland notes: «Seth Adler asks tough questions, with kindness, in his detail-oriented podcast, Cannabis Economy. Each episode showcases unique and game changing developments in this emerging billion-dollar industry, with details straight from founders, influencers, regulators and lawmakers. You won’t find a better source of first hand information.»
  • Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance, and Ep.67 guest Ethan Nadlemann notes, «I like doing this podcast. Smart questions. Great discussion.»

Cannabis Economy is a real-time history of legal cannabis. We chronicle how personal and industry histories have combined to provide our current reality.  Cannabis Economy discusses ingenuity, inspiration, leadership, legislation, regulations and precisely what has brought each subject to this moment in time.  Industry luminaries from operators to activists to advocates share their stories.  Who you are informs what you do. Business is Personal.

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