BEDMINSTER, N.J., Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kamine Development Corporation Sustainable Infrastructure («KDC»), a family run business that is dedicated to building scalable critical infrastructure to solve the challenge of climate change and sustainability, is partnering with Celadon to tackle one of society’s fastest growing problems, cardboard. 

KDC Sustainable Infrastructure Announces Partnership with Celadon, to help solve North America’s Cardboard Waste Problem.

Celadon has a unique technology capable of upcycling mixed paper and old corrugated cardboard into recycled pulp sheets and re-usable paper, creating a closed loop waste free industry.  Celadon has two sites identified totaling an approximate $300M capital investment, on which the two companies plan to start building in 2020. 

With the rise of «on-demand» and direct to consumer businesses, cardboard has become an ever-increasing problem across the entire world.  Often, the appropriate recycling of the cardboard is difficult or gets mixed with other materials which leads to hundreds of thousands of tons showing up to local municipality recycling facilities where they do not have a current solution. 

Unfortunately, North America is behind in this infrastructure as previously China was the recipient of a lot of this waste and received over 28 million tons of recycled paper per year from foreign countries.  However, China has recently banned the importation of this material — and rightfully so –leaving countries to deal with it themselves.  

Landfilling this material is of course not the answer.  That is why Celadon and KDC have partnered together to deploy large scale recycling infrastructure across North America to create a closed loop, waste free industry and to properly manage our cardboard use.

Building nationwide infrastructure is a familiar task for KDC.  KDC has built, owned and operated approximately $4 billion of infrastructure across natural gas, telecom, renewables and an ongoing focus on sustainable technologies.  The next iteration of their platform is solely geared towards creating closed loop waste free systems, by properly and efficiently upcycling materials and keeping things like cardboard out of landfills. 

Hal Kamine, CEO and founder of KDC states «Celadon is tackling a massive problem across North America that is understandably growing.  That is, with the on-going rise of on-demand businesses, how do we effectively and economically create the proper infrastructure that can manage our waste streams for generations to come.  KDC is excited to work with Celadon to help build, own and operate their two major production facilities and upcycle more than 800,000 tons of cardboard and waste paper per year.»

Tim Zosel, CEO of Celadon, is an experienced entrepreneur building businesses from greenhouses to plastic recycling facilities for 30 years. Tim sites, «Celadon is excited to partner with KDC and their development team.  Their family approach and desire to build infrastructure is at the forefront of their mission and together we will scale this much needed wastepaper recycling solution to tackle one of society’s fastest growing systematic waste problems.»

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