WAYNE, N.J., Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MicroTouch®, the maker of Tough Blade and MAX endorsed by Brett Favre, announces the introduction of a new, all-in-one smart razor to its economically priced grooming line. The revolutionary MicroTouch SOLO™ combines razor, edger, and trimmer functions in an all-in-one smart tool that can tackle any facial hair style with effortless precision – refined facial stubble and scruff, to more complex grooming masterpieces like the chin strap, thin beard, soul patch and more.  

«We took a decade of learning from our razor and trimmer tools, and set out to create a single tool that can handle all of today’s facial hair trends. SOLO lets men customize their look, their way, without breaking the bank,» said Andy Khubani, chief executive officer of Ideavillage Products Corp and maker of MicroTouch. «And SOLO can be used anytime, anywhere because you don’t need soap or water to get a fresh shave. It’s truly revolutionary.»

Poised to obsolete the need for multiple expensive grooming tools, SOLO uses the finest German Stainless Steel blades, housed on a pivoting head for precision contouring, in an eco-friendly rechargeable unit that lasts up to 45 minutes, complete with balanced and water resistant handle.

Unlike regular razors, SOLO shaves bi-directionally, in either up or down strokes. Snap on any of the 3 combs and you can trim your scruff or beard any way you want. SOLO even edges precisely to give a sharp, clean edge to neck hair, sideburns, mustaches, goatees, and more. Throw in a built in light and no hair will be left behind. Perfect for all skin types, MicroTouch SOLO cannot nick, cut, or irritate the skin – which makes it ideal for face and body.

MicroTouch SOLO™ (SRP: $24.99) is available at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. For additional information, visit MicroTouchSOLO.com.

MicroTouch SOLO


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