MORRISTOWN, N.J., Aug. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Morristown startup, The Long Term Living Association (LTLA) has become the new «Angie’s List» or «Home Advisors» for all aging and longevity issues. The LTLA works with seniors and family members who are seeking professional expert guidance to address the issues associated with long term care. The LTLA is focused on those who are prudently planning for the future as well as those who are currently in crisis mode, struggling to efficiently navigate the multiple professional disciplines available to them.

As family members get older, conversations about longevity solutions can be uncomfortable, daunting and confusing. The LTLA represents the full-spectrum of aging and longevity needs and is a single point of contact for education, information, and guidance through the complexity of your loved one’s personal situation.

While there are over 30 services that deal with aging and longevity issues, most all of these items can be broken down into 5 major areas: Financial, Legal, Housing, Home Care Options, and Care Coordination. Generally, decisions regarding these services are made in the moment, or in «crisis mode.» Family members find themselves being forced to make decisions quickly and having to settle for solutions that satisfy an immediate need but do not fulfill a senior’s preferences or effectively accommodate his or her long-term goals.

Founder of LTLA, Morristown native Michael FitzPatrick, found this out firsthand, not having made any arrangements, he had no way of knowing what to do or who to turn to when his family ended up in this situation. Figuring it all out, while in crisis mode, put a huge weight on him and his family. This is when he saw the need to simplify the process, creating a single point of access for all comprehensive longevity solutions.

«People want to know what time it is, they don’t want to know how the clock is built. With respect to aging and longevity issues, people need answers, simplification, guidance, and support, not random results through a Google search or a list of 30, unvetted professionals to call and ‘hope’ they can pick the right one. They deserve better!» Said Owner Michael FitzPatrick.   

With headquarters in Morristown, N.J., the LTLA has already helped so many in the local community navigate the ‘uncharted waters’ of dealing with serious decisions about loved ones’ health.

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