PARAMUS, N.J., Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Realtors tired of making cold calls or struggling to find leads through postcards, websites and expensive ad campaigns can turn to listing appointment service for investors and real estate agents, Listings 4 Agents (

«We are the only telemarketing service that solicits home sellers to meet with Realtors in their local market areas to possibly hire them to sell their homes,» said company Co-Owners Oliveri / Merenoff. «We did a trial run in 2016 with limited agents signed up to see if our business model would work and it did! We’re now looking to expand our service and sign up more realtors nationwide to help them make more money.»

According to Oliveri, what makes Listings 4 Agents for agents stand out in the industry is the greater return on investment. «Print ads only generate a .005 percent ROI,» he said. «Internet marketing generates primarily home buyer leads, but about 40-60 percent of buyers don’t make a purchase even after spending a great deal of time looking at houses. To make a very good income, realtors need to focus on home seller leads and those are commonly generated thru referrals or phone prospecting. Since 99 percent of realtors hate to cold call, we setup Listings 4 Agents to do it for them.»

Listings 4 Agents personnel uncover leads and take measures to ensure validity, such as scrub them against the Do Not Call registry, before booking appointments. Company personnel can search within the Listings 4 Agents database for leads in desired market areas or upload leads from agents to the company’s dialing systems. «We have much greater success with the FSBO and expired leads that are provided to us from agents or investors,» said Oliveri. «Numerous third party companies like Redx and Landvoice can pull this data on a daily basis for real estate agents and out telemarketers dial away.»

If a seller is not available when a telemarketer calls, the system will automatically leave a prerecorded voicemail message telling the seller to visit a lead capture website. Once they visit the site, the sellers are prompted to enter their information and then those leads are forwarded to the relevant agents.

Realtors receive a confirmation email with a seller’s name, address and phone number. The email will also have an attachment containing a recording of the conversation between the telemarketer and the home seller so that the realtor knows exactly what was said and how best to approach the follow up or opt for a live transfer to speak to the HOT SELLER LEAD.

«Our motto is B.A.M (Book a Meeting),» said Oliveri. «We want realtors in front of the home seller as soon as possible, so most appointments are scheduled for the next day, which leaves realtors with time to make any needed changes to their schedule. It’s imperative to get there before other agents speak to the seller. And investors also want to get first dibs on the hottest properties.»

Listings 4 Agents does not stop at making appointments. All clients will receive a Heavy Hitting listing presentation with tips on closing the client.

We Want Realtors To «List More, Sell More & Make More.»

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