MEDFORD, N.J., Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Greenie, a mobile app designed to help everyday people fight climate change, has released an updated version, along with a new video that educates users on all the Greenie features. New features include the ability to easily gift a tree planting for just about any occasion.

«With the changes to both the IOS and Android versions we wanted to provide our users with even more options to make a difference,» said Glenn Smith, president of Micro Integration Services, Inc., creators of the Greenie app. «We found that Greenie users want to wage the fight on all levels — from the small stuff, like reducing their own carbon footprint at home, to more global participation, like reminding their politicians of what they’ve been elected to do.»

According to Smith, Greenie will offer expanded news coverage from environmental and science writers throughout the world, keeping users better informed on events that have both negative and positive effects on climate change.  

Additionally, the Greenie app now offers an Activism page that offers quick and easy access to politicians, lawmakers and the White House, enabling users to make their feelings known on any given topic right from their smartphone or tablet. Going forward, the Activism page will monitor and report on key political and industrial issues that have a direct impact on the environment. 

Another expanded feature of the Greenie app is on the Plant-A-Tree page, where users can give the gift of a tree for a wider variety of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries to memorials and more. Users can order a single tree or multiple trees directly from their Greenie app and a certificate celebrating the event is immediately sent to the recipient via email or text message. All trees are planted through the National Forest Foundation.

Smith notes, «The planting of trees is still one of the most effective ways to counteract carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and each tree is ultimately capable of producing enough oxygen for two people every day.»

The Greenie app is currently available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.  For additional information and to watch the Greenie video go to

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