BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Zicam®, a leading provider of over-the-counter homeopathic cold shortening, allergy relief and allopathic nasal congestion products, today announced the national launch of ZICAM® Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops. Offered in an assortment of fruity flavors, these delicious, soft, chewable drops will help consumers shorten the length of their cold when taken at the first sign of symptoms.

The tasty drops, made from a unique formula that shortens a cold when taken at the first sign, will most definitely become a fan-favorite this cold season. Unlike other cold medicines, ZICAM® Cold Remedy products do not simply mask symptoms; they shorten colds so consumers can get back to what matters most to them, faster.

«Coming down with a cold is an unpleasant experience; in addition to dealing with symptoms, we can also feel more isolated and lonely,» said M’lou Walker, CEO of Zicam®. «At Zicam®, we are always looking for ways to show our consumers that we are there for them. We are passionate about helping people get back to feeling better, so they can enjoy time with their family and friends. With our new Medicated Fruit Drops, we hope to bring a delectable mix of flavor into cold shortening, while making a difference in people’s lives.»

New Medicated Fruit Drops from the #1 cold shortening brand*, Zicam®, serve as an exciting and great tasting addition to the brand’s already impressive array of cold shortening products, which includes RapidMelts®, Nasal Swabs and Nasal Spray.

ZICAM® Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit drops are non-drowsy and non-habit forming. The delicious, soft assorted fruit drops come in a mix of three distinct flavors: orange, lemon and cherry, and contain pectin, a premium gelling agent that helps prevent the product from melting and sticking together. Each container holds 25 fruit drops, and can be found at major retailers nationwide.

«We recognize that consumers are looking for more choices in form and flavor when in the cold aisle, so we are always innovating new ways to shorten colds,» said Lori Norian, VP of Marketing at Zicam®. «We care about those using our products and with our new Medicated Fruit Drops we aimed to create another delicious, yet unique, way to get better faster. Early results are showing that consumers agree.»

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*Based on sales data for homeopathic cold shortening brands.

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